153-year old well in Amaravati

153-year old well in Amaravati: Engineering wonder at Amaravati mandal. The 80-feet basement well was constructed in the year 1863 without using lime or cement. The ancient 153-year-old well as useful ever. People from various places visit the Bathineni vari Baavi on Sunday and holidays.

153-old well in Amaravati

The people of Guntur district face drinking water shortage due to inadequate water in the Sagar canal and depletion of groundwater, a 153-year-old Digudu Baavi (basement well) near Tammavaripalem of Amaravati Mandal Continues to supply water, fulfilling the needs of the public.

History of 153-year old well in Amaravati

Farmer Bathineni Narasmiha Rao said that there was severe shortage for drinking water in 1863. His forefather Bathineni Ramaiah constructed the 80-feet well by placing stones without using lime. He said that lime mix was used those days to construct walls but interestingly no lime mix was used to construct the well’s surrounding wall.

Sadly, no water was found so then a stairway to the well was constructed and another small well was dug. He explained that the efforts proved fruitful as water started oozing and locals including farmers used the water with the help of the stairway.

Mr Narasimha Rao said that this well has been supplying water since 1863 and sometimes the water would rise to the brim of the well. His family cleaned this ancient well in 1983 and is now carrying out desilting work.

Locals of Tammavaripalem and Malladi, M. Venkateswara Rao and others said that this ancient basement well has been helping the public for decades. They said that they will protect this well for future generations.

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