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Hello, everyone! I am Sri Bhargav, founder of ”Amaravaticapitals.com“. First of all thank you for visiting my website. Amaravaticapitals is a multi-niche site which targets the people in Andhra Pradesh, dealing with various categories like News, Daily Updates, Social, Politics & Regional News etc. I dedicated to give you a wide range of updates about Andhra Pradesh and presenting to you in a single click. You can stay updated by following my site. All the articles are written in a simple manner with language that is easy to gain full understanding of each articles’ content. I really like the rest of this.

About Me:

sribhargavIt’s time to know about the founder of Amaravaticapitals.com. Sri Bhargav is the founder of Amaravaticapitals.com. My Native place is Vijayawada. I am So, happy to run a blog on New capital of Andhra Pradesh and also like Informative to every about Amaravati Capital. I am a passionate blogger and updating myself day-to-day by browsing Internet and by reading Google news. I like to communicate with every one on social networking sites. I like to interact with those people who are looking for daily updates about Amaravati. So, I want to run a blog to share knowledge gained to those individuals who are interested in the most recent news in different categories So, I want to decide to run a blog and share my knowledge to every one who are interested in latest and interesting updates about Amaravati. Welcome to all!!