CM Inaugurates Real Time Governance Command Control Center in Amaravati, AP

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Nov 26th, 2017 (Sunday) inaugurated the Asia’s Number One Real-time Governance Command Control centre (CCC) in the 1st block of the Amaravati Secretariat. The well-equipped and technologically advanced control room will help him enabling to talk to any govt officer of people through live video conference. Real-time governance will be helpful to discharge effective ruling by knowing the problems of the people from any corner of the AP state and giving immediate solutions.

E Governance Center of Andhra Pradesh

Fibre Grid, Drone Corporation, Tower Corporation, virtual classrooms, Content Corporation, CCTV system, biometrics, and technology being used for the RTG.

Andhra Real-Time Governance Command Control Centre

Command control centre room will serve as a synchronised platform to leverage e-governance, technology and electronics communication for hosting surveillance wing, grievance redressal, major events, the alert system for natural calamities etc for the citizens.

Amaravati Real Time Governance Command control Centre

Amaravati Real Time Governance (RGT) State Centre will facilitate an integrated system of latest Information & Communication Technologies to play a crucial role in e-governance as well as handling major events and natural calamities for the citizens of Andhra Pradesh.

Amaravati Real Time Governance

AP Command Control Center

It will also function, across all the 13 districts, as an ecosystem to manage the data of all the households in the state to impact their lives with effective governance, ensuring ‘People First’ mantra.

The centre will also facilitate all the departments from the control room can speak to anyone in the state public and interaction tools for connecting people with the government from there. CM is going to spend 1 hour in the RGT every day which will be run with 40 expert technical people.

Speaking at the inauguration, Chandrababu said that sensors are arranged to monitor various natural aspects including calamities and grievances are also linked to control centre for their quick clearance under two heads personal and community.

The Chief Minister further informed that 13 crucial villages have been given internet connection with command control rooms.

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