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Dasara Navaratri celebrations 2016 at Kanakadurga temple on Indrakeeladri will conclude with the colourful ‘Teppotsavam’. ‘Teppotsavam’ marks the end of Vijayawada’s Dasara festivities. Deities of Sri Durga Malleswara Swamyvarla Devasthanam being taken on “Hamsa Vahanam” as part of the Teppotsavam, in Vijayawada on Tuesday (11 October 2016). Thousands of devotees are expected to crowd Prakasam Barrage and the bathing ghat to have a glimpse of the once-a-year event. Several people watched the trial run from Prakasam Barrage.


Sri Durga Malleswaraswamivarla Devasthanam” has made memorable arrangements for the ‘Teppotsavam’ on the final day of Dasara. The temple priests adorn the goddess as ‘Rajarajeswari Devi’. Besides the regular vedic rituals, ‘Purnahuthi’ will be performed in the temple in the afternoon on ‘Vijayadasami’.

Teppostavam on Krishna River | Vijayawada

The Poornahuti, Kalasa Udvasana, Teppostavam and Shamipooja will be conducted on Vijayadasami (11 October 2016).

The event will start at 5:00pm on Tuesday, 11th October 2016.

From the greatest tradition of Hindus, the Goddess idols were brought in a procession from the temple to the Swan Boat by police officials.

After reaching the banks of the Krishna river(Durga ghat), the priests took possession of the idols and adorned them on the beautiful decorated Swan Boat among chanting of Vedic mantras.

The city was soaked in divine bliss as the presiding deities of Sri Durga Malleswara Swamyvarla Devasthanam shrine were taken on a ‘Hamsa Vahanam’ as part of the Teppotsavam here on Tuesday.

Kanaka Durga Devi Teppotsavam Exclusive Live from Vijayawada.

Indrakeeladri Kanaka Durga Devi Teppotsavam Exclusive Live from Vijayawada.

Vijayawaada Teppotsavam View Points:

  • Prakasam Barrage
  • Durga Ghat
  • Punnami Ghat

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Teppotsavam A Swan Boat Ride For Durga Marks End Of Dasara Festivities

Hamsa Vahanam (Swan Boat) in banks of the Krishna

  • Hamsa Vahanam rounds in Krishna river

The ‘Hamsa Vahanam’ which was making colourfully with followers and lights. Hamsa Vahanam made 3 rounds in banks of the Krishna river from Durga ghat to Sitanagaram, as firecrackers illuminated the sky. After completion of the Teppotsavam, the Goddess idols were handed over to police as per tradition. The police officials took the idols to One Town police station with reverence and after offering the ritual ‘Sammi Pooja, brought them in a procession to Indrakeeladri, where they were handed over to the temple authorities.

  • Firecrackers Glowings the Sky

Firecrackers arrangements on Teppostavam day Glowing the Sky. As the sky turned darker, firecrackers exploded on the Sitanagaram area side of the Krishna river.

The firecracker show continued for about half-an-hour and its reflections in the Krishna presented a magnificent view. The dark cloudy evening turned shining and colourful following the two-hour fireworks on the riverbed near Sitanagaram on Guntur district side. Hundreds of people gathered at the Durga ghat and on the Prakasam barrage to have a momentary of the beautiful event.

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