Golden rules for a safe and healthy Diwali

Safe and Healthy Diwali: Diwali is one of the favorite festivals which is enjoyed by everyone without any differences between children and Young People. But, sometimes this festival misfortunes creates minor and major burns. Every year at the time of the celebration, so many people get injured with minor burns due to firecrackers. The only thing which crosses your mind at that moment is making use of home remedies which will help soothe and heal the affected area.

diwali safe rules

FireCrackers creates noise and air pollution, fireworks will also cause health hazards. So it is our responsibility and care to think and celebrate. The following are the safe rules one must has to follow during Diwali to celebrate safely.

Diwali Safe Rules

  1. Do not burst crackers in crowded areas and indoor; as it will harm human and at times animals too.
  2. Keep a first-aid kit available. Keep a bucket full of water for emergency. If fire breaks out, one can pour water to put off fire.
  3. For burns, pour plenty of water on the burn and for eyes wash them thoroughly with water.
  4. Choose cotton dresses over silk/nylon and wear footwear always.
  5. Never use a matchstick. Use candle or agarbhati stick to light a cracker.
  6. Allow your kids to light crackers under your supervision.
  7. Persons suffering from lung and respiratory problems may tend to avoid exposure to smoke erupted from crackers. Elderly people can use ear plugs to avoid damage to ear drums.
  8. Check on what you eat. Do not eat colorful sweets and perishable milk products. Increase your water intake and stay hydrated.
  9. Do not try to ignite used fireworks and never experiment with crackers.
  10. During emergencies, rush to hospital.

Keeping a handy first aid kit is the best way to care yourself and your loved ones. Water is helpful, so keep a bucket full of water.

First Aid for Crackers Burn Treatment

For Minor Fire Burns

  1. Show the burnt area under running water or place a cloth chilled in water on the burn.
  2. Remove cloth, pieces and do not place ice on the top of the burn as it may worsen the case.
  3. If eyes get burnt, rinse them with water and if irritation persists rush to a hospital.
  4. In case of fire, roll the person over the ground to put off fire and seek for an emergency.
  5. For minor burns, apply oils like coconut, Neem, olive or honey over the burn.
  6. One can use Aloe-Vera over the burn having astringent and tissue-healing properties that works great for skin burns.
  7. Minor burns d not further treatment. However, watch signs of swelling, infection.

For Major Fire Burns

  1. Roll the victim roll on the floor with a blanket to put off fire and rush to a hospital nearby.
  2. Do not try to remove burnt clothing.
  3. For severe burns, do not immerse burns in cold water as it may cause shock.
  4. Place a banana leaf over the burn to keep the wound moist
  5. Ensure the person is breathing comfortably.
  6. Raise the burned body parts and elevate them above heart level.

Firecracker burns are painful, and gradually the burns slowly develops to water blisters. To avoid fire burns we have follow some of the best pre-precautions remedies you can make use in this Diwali.

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