Krishanam Raju Donates 32 acres for Gannavaram Ariport

Gannavaram Airport in Krishna District is situated at a distance of 13.5 kilometers from Vijayawada city center. The airport covers an area of 500 acres and is surrounded by farm land. As Amaravati, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh is being built near Vijayawada, the Government planned to develop the existing airport as International Airport.

Movie Hero U. Krishnam Raju has given 32 acres of land for expansion of Gannavaram airport. AP Government is expanding the Gannavaram airport and as much as 494.22 acres of land has been collected from nearly 475 land owners. Film Hero Krishnam Raju purchased the land long ago. Here In-charge collector Gandham Chandrudu said as many as 475 land owners have come forward to give 494.22 acres of land so far and that Mr. Krishnam Raju was one among them.

In this regard, Mr. Chandrudu said the AP Government will extend similar benefits to Gannavaram farmers who hand over their lands, like Amaravati farmers, the In-charge Collector said.

Land compensation

The government has planned to acquire 1,229 acres from 926 landowners. In-charge Collector (Mr. Chandrudu) said that the government would pay the compensation to all the land owners on the lines of Amaravati capital city land pooling package.

Government will give a 1,000 square yards residential land and 450 square yards commercial land will be given (for one acre land) to the farmers who handover land for the airport, besides Rs. 50,000. Lands will be given in the capital region, once land distribution for Amaravathi farmers is completed. “The 1,229 acres is located in 11 villages. Of the 926 farmers, 470 farmers had given lands and we are trying to contact the major farmers. Film director Aswini Dutt had given his land and actor U.V. Krishnam Raju is about to hand over his 32 acres land under the LPS,” Mr. Chandrudu said.

Majority of the farmers are coming forward to contribute their lands for expansion of the airport, and government is lifting all restrictions on land registrations in the area, and the locals can register their lands without any problem.

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