Sri Gayatri Devi Alankaram

Sri Gayatri Devi Alankaram: Dasara is the most prominent festival, in my view. Today is Goddess Sri Durga Devi is Decorated as “Sri Gayatri Devi” Alankaram is worshiped as the goddess at atop of the Indrakeeladri of 23rd September during “Ashwayuja Shuddha Vidiya (Vruddhi)” tidhi. Blessing the visiting devotees in Gayatri Devi as Panchamukhi (With five faces) seated on a lotus. Sri Gayatri is the mother Veda Mata, Vedas are large body of texts, collected in Vedic Sanskrit and they form the oldest layer of Sanskrit Literature, and the oldest sacred text of Hinduism, Goddess Gayatri is the mother of the Vedas.

Sri Gayathri Devi alankaram Vijayadashami

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Gayatri Devi Alankaram as Panchamukhi

In this attire, Goddess Gayatri Devi with her magical powers is seated on a red lotus flower and appears with ‘Pancha Mukhi’ (five faces) representing the Pancha Pranas.

  1. Prana
  2. Apana
  3. Vyana
  4. Udana
  5. Samana

They also represent the Five principle elements(Pancha tatwas)

  • Earth (Prithvi)
  • Water (Jala)
  • Air (Vayu)
  • Fire (Teja)
  • Sky (Aakasha)

Gayatri Ammavaru glows in five colour – mukta (pearl), vidruma (coral), hema (gold) neela (blue), dhavala (White) – and she has ten hands hence also called as Dashabhuji. She carries Shankh (conch), Chakra (discus), Kamala (lotus), Goad, Noose and Rudrakshmala. Remaining two hands of the Goddess are depicted in abhaya and varada mudras.

The Durga temple priests deck up the Goddess as Sri Gayatri Devi to tell the devotees that the Sri Gayatri Devi, as a Mother, protects the one who chants the maha mantra devotedly by giving them salvation, relief, emancipation, money, food, worldly pleasures and good offspring.

Poojas are performed and different kinds of eatables are offered to the goddess as naivedyam.

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